Mission 3 R

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It's 3am and the President of the United States has gathered top government officials at the Whitehouse to reveal some shocking and frightful news. Genesis, the most top secret and daring trillion-dollar time machine has disappeared; taken back in time through a brazen act of treason by rogue American soldiers. General Ben Jackson, the leader of this mission to Return, Redeem and Recast Africa’s destiny and prevent the slave trade from take place, plans on ensuring his ancestors are well prepared for when the first colonist set foot on the dark continent.

However, General Jackson quickly finds out that things are not as they should seem 400 years ago and is forced to navigate through a web of deceit, murder, lust, revenge and the extent to which the execution of good intentions can be subverted by the misuse and corrupting influence of absolute power.

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J. Michael

A pseudonym for a prolific writer of riveting short stories that have been published in various journals. He has worked with several international financial institutions and served on the boards of some commercial banks in a non-executive capacity. His experience extends to real estate management and telecommunications within the African continent. A holder of a BSc in Applied Mathematics and an MA in Economic studies, J. Michael is an alumni of Stanford University and the Harvard Business School. “If Only” was his first novel.

Lysa TerKeurst

“This is a very insightful perspective from J. Michael. It is a very brilliant look into peopleand tells a perfect tale of how difficult it is to change history. I particularly liked how wellit showed the specifics of human behaviour - we are never completely good or bad and with the right motivation, anybody can be anything. —Gerald Kent

Bob Goff

“J. Michael’s Mission 3-R is a magnificent book. Filled with suspense from beginning to the end, which I loved. The characters were well written so that it was so easy to draw mental images of them in my mind. I’m definitely going to look for more books by this author! —Patt Goldlyn

Sadie Robertson

“J. Michael’s Mission 3-R is an ambitious novel that seeks to go back in time to explore what it would have been like if the slave trade never happened. I love this premise as wellas the rest of the book. I can’t wait to read the rest of his books. —Hanna Getrude

Chip Gaines

“I loved the writing of this book and the pacing was perfect. The ending was a particularly brilliant touch! —Francis Yomi